PC: Nick Barakos

I am a sociologist and doctoral candidate at Columbia University. My work examines topics in economic sociology, organizational sociology, race and ethnicity, and cultural sociology.

I am interested in the intersection between markets and categorical inequalities, along the lines of race, nationality, gender, and class. My dissertation employs computational and qualitative discourse analyses in conjunction with econometric regression modeling to examine the discourse and practice of American personal bankruptcy law in the early twentieth century.

Additional historical research examines the effect of European immigration on the socio-economic outcomes of Black men during the First Wave of the Great Migration. Research currently in progress examines the effect of employment discrimination lawsuits on focal and peer firms’ establishments subsequent managerial diversity and non-managerial occupational segregation.

I am originally from Hilo, Hawaii, and attended Princeton University as a Questbridge Scholar for low-income and first-generation college students. I currently reside in New York City.

I am available at nap2155@columbia.edu.