Teaching Philosophy:

My job as a teacher is to facilitate students’ “sociological imaginations,” or their ability to situate their lived experiences within broader social forces. I facilitate inclusive classroom environments that provide students the space to engage with challenging empirical and theoretical sociological texts and apply them to their own experiences outside of the classroom. I have developed my craft through summer intensive courses and year-long pedagogy fellowships at the Columbia University Center for Teaching and Learning. I work to scaffold lesson and course plans to help students develop a strong grasp of course materials before organizing activities and research projects that give them the opportunity to engage with and build upon past thinkers.  

Teaching Experience:

Race and Capitalism, Lecturer, 2022 Fall, Columbia University

Social Theory, Teaching Assistant under direction of Prof. Shamus Khan, 2018 Spring | Prof. Gil Eyal, 2019 Fall | Prof. Deborah Becher, 2020 Spring

The Social World, Teaching Assistant under direction of Prof. Teresa Sharpe, 2017 Fall | Prof. Adam Reich, 2019 Spring

Organizing Innovation, Teaching Assistant under direction of Prof. David Stark, 2018 Fall